"My inspiration comes from a love of nature and a passion for gardening."


Tricia Webster is a sculptor living in Claremont, ONT with her husband and two children.  She enjoys teaching the art of fabric sculpting from her home studio all year round for all ages and skill levels.  She also takes part in the Stouffville, Uxbridge and Durham west studio tours.  When she’s not in the studio creating she’s out hiking with the dogs or the kids, enjoying the outdoors.

Her interest in fabric sculpting started 15 years ago when she was given a fabric sculpture as a Christmas gift.  She  fell in love with it and since then has collected fabric sculptures, creating bigger and better perennial gardens just to house them in. Daily she admires one particular sculpture that hangs  outside her kitchen window, which continually inspires her to craft her own special creations. 

Tricia is active full-time in the art community, displaying her work at both garden and art tours, as well as creating commissioned pieces for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

"My goal is to create sculptures that tell a story or capture a moment that others can relate to.  My inspiration comes from a love of nature and a passion for gardening.  I enjoy working with natural materials like moss, bark, and burlap."

Why I Like the Powertex Sculpting Medium:

Powertex is a versatile medium that makes most porous surfaces hard and weather-resistant - so resistant, it is capable of staying outside in Canada's harsh winters. It gives form and structure to cloth, paper, wood, gauze, concrete, metal, cardboard and many other materials. This textile hardener is really fun to work with, and allows you to create fabulous garden sculptures that you'll be proud to show off.


Look like fun? It is! Be a part of my next class. Beginners always welcome!